Google AdWords Guide

Google AdWords Guide

Do you need a good Google AdWords Guide? Here I will give you some nice Google AdWords tips which I learned during my internet marketer time. If you apply some of these Google AdWords secrets you will definitely have more success in PPC. With only applying some of those Google AdWords tips my sales went up very fast. So read my Google AdWords guide and become more profitable.

What is Google AdWords?

Here is a short definition of Google AdWords:

When you do a search in Google, you will probably see a list of boxes on the right hand side. These boxes are called sponsored links, and advertisers are paying Google to put their ads there. But they only will pay Google when someone clicks on their ad.

As an affiliate/internet marketer, your job is to send people to the merchant site where you will get paid commissions on any sales that you help generate. You can reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online, and send the moxie maids visitors directly to what you are offering.

That's why it is important to know some Google AdWords secrets.

To set up an AdWords account go to the AdWords page and follow the instructions.

Choose a Product to Sell

Google AdWords Guide about choosing a Product

There are lots of affiliate networks and independent affiliate programs online that allow you to promote almost everything you want. To start I recommend one of the following affiliate networks: CJ (Commission Junction)

Just visit the sites and search for products you think you could promote.

Finding Profitable Keywords

To do the research on keywords I recommend you the free Google Keyword Tool:

* Keyword relevance is very important! That means that a keyword is only good if it is relevant not only to the product you are promoting, but also to the actual page that you are promoting. Google will punish you by giving you a higher click price if the keyword does not fit this criteria.
* It is also very effective to advertise using keywords that include the product that you are promoting. You could use the product or company name.
* If you add "purchase" or "buy" to any product, it will become one of the highest converting keywords that you will have.
* Also be sure to use singular and plural keywords. This will bring you also more traffic.
* Use also misspellings in your keywords. Although these keywords do not receive high amounts of traffic, you can obtain high quality traffic with them.

Create a Campaign

* The first thing you should do is turn off the Content network because for a majority of products the content does not convert into sales.
* Set your daily budget a bit higher as you would normally because Google is unlikely to reach this limit.
* The actual text within your ad should contain the exact keywords that are within your ad group. Make sure that the keywords are all relevant to your ad and product.
* create also Ad Groups. This is just a way to organize your keywords but it helps a lot. This groups should only have a small amount of keywords in it. I would not take more than 20. This technique will increase your CTR (click through ratio).
* In order to create highly relevant Ad Groups it is important to group your keywords together using the "common" keyword method. If all keywords have at least one common word you will be able to use this word in your adcopy (title and description)

Writing the Ad Copy

The Ad Copy is the text within an ad (title and description).

* Use your common word in the adcopy as much as possible, but most importantly use it in the title.
* Focus on ad relevance. If your ad does not contain the exact keywords that the person has just performed in their search, they are probably not going to click on your ad.
* Eliminate Non-Buyers. Display the price in the ad and it will only attract people who are willing to spend money.
* Use call to Action Phrases. It notifies the searcher that they will have to perform some kind of action ac within the website that they are about to visit.

Example: "Sign Up to....", "Join Now...", "Click Here...."

Quality Score

Quality Score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of your keywords. It combines a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user's search query. Quality score affects your keywords minimum CPC and position in the search results. It could even affect whether or not your ad even shows up. A great quality score will net you a low minimum bid and higher ad placement. Your goal is to achieve a high Quality Score so you can get a higher ad position and pay less per click. The Quality Score is based on the following 5 variables:

Ad Content

When you have keyword-relative content within your ad it will increase your Quality Score.


The click through ratio is the percentage of clicks your ad receives in relation to the number of search impressions.

Ad History

If your AdWords account has performed poorly in the past, it automatically assumes that your ad quality is going to be low with the new Ad Group as well. Sometimes it makes sense to delete an old campaign and recreate it so you don't have a history on that.

Ad Grouping

Creating ad groups also increases your Quality Score and it also increases the relevance of your ad copy to your keywords.

Landing Page Content

The more relevant your landing page is, the higher the quality of the search result. So Google will increase your Quality Score.

Common Mistakes

* Duplicate URLs

Google does not allow multiple instances of the same URL under the same keywords within their paid search results. The possibility that someone else is bidding higher that you on a keyword is quite high. This is only for direct linking of course. So either you try to increase your bid and outbid your competitor, or you create your own landing page.

* Using only Broad Match Type

To optimize your keywords for best performance you need to use Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Type Options. Example:

Broad Keyword: Google AdWords Phrase Keyword: "Google AdWords" Exact Keyword: [Google AdWords]

Use all of them in your Ad Groups.

* Non Targeted Keywords

Again, your keywords need to be targeted. If they are not relevant to the ad and product you sell, you will have a lower Quality Score.

* Ad Positions are too low

When your CPC is too low, your position will be greater than 10 and you will not be on the first page of the search results. For the best traffic try to be in position 3-8.


I hope that I could give you some useful information with my Google AdWords Guide. You first need to work with Google AdWords to get experience and get comfortable with it. Lots of my mentioned Google AdWords Secrets are very important to know, otherwise it's not easy to be successful.