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Google AdWords Certified Professional

Certified Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

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For several years I started many online businesses, e-commerce sites, Adwords campaigns, link building tactics and learned more than your average digital marketing ‘expert’…simply due to the fact that I was “on the tools”, spending thousands of dollars learning what works and what doesn’t the hard way. The past few years I’ve shifted my business to 100% digital marketing consulting and seeing the faces of my clients when they get the results they want, well…it makes every cent I invested into those years of “digital marketing on the tools” worthwhile.

SEO (Onsite, Offsite, Local & Technical)

E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

UX (mobile & desktop)

Social Media Strategies

VR & AR Marketing and Development

Amazon, Alibaba & International Digital Marketing

Linkbuilding (not the cheap black hat Fiverr stuff either)

Digital Marketing Strategies

PPC Campaigns (Adwords & Facebook)

Content Marketing Strategies

Web Design & Development

Business Specific Digital Marketing Strategies

“The sad reality is that 9 out of 10 websites aren’t doing what they should…giving value to their visitors AND a ROI to their owners.” – Dean Davis

DeeGeeDee CEO and founder, Dean Davis is one of the leading digital marketing consultants in New Zealand. With a proven track record in getting sites converting, ranking and generating the sort of qualified traffic they deserve, Dean has built a solid reputation among B2B and B2C businesses alike for developing both effective content strategies and customised digital marketing plans for not just New Zealand-based companies, but also many international clients.

As the #1 digital marketing consultancy in New Zealand, we ensure that our clients get the best of the best. That means regular face-to-face meetings, regardless of where you are in New Zealand (or the world for that matter), to discuss the outcomes of work already done, set objectives based on these results and implement the next steps of the digital marketing strategy. We take every project seriously and work closely with our clients to achieve their objectives.

If you’re serious about improving your website’s conversion rate, traffic and online presence, then DeeGeeDee could be the right match for you. However, like any good relationship, we follow a strict list of qualifying criteria when selecting our clientele. We don’t advertise or promote our services and almost all of our business is from referrals. We prefer to work closely with our clients and that’s why in the beginning, need to qualify them just as they’re qualifying us.

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